Personal development ? Being Positive

Personal development ? Being Positive

Most of you must have a wonderful book called “The Secret” which gives you the secret of a successful life. You all have energies around you which could be positive energy or negative energy. What you think becomes what you feel and what you feel becomes what you do and what you do becomes your life and finally your life becomes your destiny. It is a human tendency that human beings are attracted more towards negative energies and negative emotions like greed, lust, anger, frustration, arrogance, frustration and revenge as compared to the positive emotions like love, passion and kindness.•  A human being is a victim of fears and insecurities. He lives in constant fear of losing their loved ones or success.

•  He is a possessive creature and can’t share something or someone he loves. This fear and insecurity make him behave in a way as if those fears and insecurities have already come true.

•  You can observe that whatever you have achieved in your life it’s because you once dreamt of it and imagined that you have already achieved it.

•   If you are positive and confident about getting something you will get it definitely one day. You must have heard this in a movie that if you truly want something in your life, the whole universe conspires to get you what you want. This is the Power of the positive thinking because of which Bill Gates is Bill Gates and Einstein is Einstein. All these people who have created history have one thing in common. All of them are positive thinkers.

•  You should not take situations on your heart and take life too seriously. The less you care, the happier you will be. You will have to stop caring about what people think about you or talk about you.

•  Only god has the power to judge you and no body has any right to judge you as they have not been in the situations in which you were and they have no idea that what made you the way you are.•  You should LOVE yourself the way you are being yourself without caring what others think of you. If people are gossiping about you they are thinking about you whether its positive or negative .This world has very less performers and many commentators and audience. It’s up to you what you want to be and how you would like to be known as.

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