Back Workout @ LA Fitness Santa Monica California This is a back workout that I did with one of my online followers, Lorenzo Serra. He is doing the Hardcore Bodybuilder Workout of the 21-Day Fast Mass Building Program and I jumped in and trained with him today!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Back Workout @ LA Fitness Santa Monica California”

  1. I think you should come back to la but workout with me in the valley area at la fitness check out my vids

  2. Glad you enjoy the videos!

  3. Lee my friend, you are a brute! Love the videos… You are the only channel I subcribe to that I have set up on youtube to email me once youve uploaded. Love it. Great inspiration for workouts, and you give me loads of ideas! Keep up the good work!

  4. Not very often, I usually just do higher sets and reps with bodyweight. But sometimes I’ll add in weighted pull ups for a change.

  5. nice vid, do you ever do weighted pullups?

  6. Dislike just for the dude with the headset, Lose him next time.

  7. I find that gives a good contraction in the rear delts and that’s why I do it.

  8. lee is there any particular reason you externally rotate your shoulders on face pulls? to me that part of the movement is a waste, being that i train my rotator cuffs on shoulder day, and i dont want to strain them

  9. Lee and Lo-renzo rollin’ in a benzo

  10. lol you can see the camera women in the mirror… noobs

  11. First background song is Kids from MGMT ha niiiice :p

  12. mustangfootball63 Reply July 21, 2012 at 4:27 am

    Milf ad at the beggining hahaha.

  13. Lorenzo looks like Adam McQuaid from the Boston Bruins, I just had to point that out. Nice work out.

  14. To build big muscles…get a muscle car and show it off. Best advice I can give.

  15. if this is how he works out every day then im positive he does roids, because hes not even pushing himself, at all!

  16. mac millers in the background!!!

  17. i think u should try looking into dorian yates training philosophys . It just  makes sense to me

  18. 5:08 is also a chest workout.?

  19. that cobra is fucking raw…no offense to the guy but camaros are lame and they always have been

  20. To really build muscle u should not go lower then 7 reps. 7 to 15 reps but it should still be with the heaviest weight possible and every week u should add 2.5 to 5 lbs a week to build strength.

  21. There are literally dozens of set and rep patterns you can follow to build muscle. I’ve got a whole video about this called “How Many Reps Should You Do To Build Muscle”

  22. Hi, All your videos have been great and helped me alot!. I have a quick question. When I do for example bicep curls on say 16 I can do about 6 reps but after that I struggle to do more then 4 on the next set. So I normally drop the weight to about 10 but its a little bit easy. So I end up doing about 15 reps on 10s after my 4 with 16s. Is this still good? Or should I just go for 16s as much as I can even tho I wont be able to do more than 6 a set?. Thanks

  23. StephenAnthonyMusic Reply July 21, 2012 at 10:43 am

    I like LA Fitness.

  24. be careful when doing pull overs! might damage your back!

  25. Are dumbbell pull overs back excercise? ( 5:00 ) i do them in my chest workout. I read that it is good for the upper part of the chest. Isn’t that true?

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  29. Nothing finer than a fit chick.

  30. man come on,even when i talk with girls they think same !

  31. :D yes i do,but man seriously,it doesn’t suit to girls at all ! it is okey to be fit but all those muscles look masculine

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  36. 2:20 Aletta Ocean?! :D 

  37. Trainer:”Scream!”
    Girl:”Ahhhhh!” …sounds like pain :D
    So Hardcore?

  38. yeaaaaaah haha man

  39. this video shows yet again, that lifting heavy doesnt make you look like freak or a man, but like a fucking godess

  40. none of these women lift at my gym

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  42. So hot

  43. dont think its swole hate tbh. Women can do whatever they please but in my eyes i like fit women not swolen. Looks more pleasant to the eye.

  44. But hes right.

  45. nice

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  47. Very cool and hot video!

  48. 2:50 hy pro! tastiest protein in the universe!

  49. dentoncrimescene Reply July 22, 2012 at 4:28 am