Weight loss tips # 5 – 10min fat loss workout with HGH Sessions

Freelee, the banana girl shares with you her 10min fat loss workout due to human growth hormone release. My ebook www.30bananasaday.com Banana Girl Diet: www.BananaGirlDiet.com Go FRUIT yourself! www.go-fruit-yourself.com Live Love Fruit www.facebook.com My website: www.30bananasaday.com My facebook profile www.facebook.com My Blog: www.TheBananaGirl.com My store www.cafepress.com When you combining HGH and weight loss, body fat is reduced and the muscles become more defined. As muscles weigh more than fat so there won’t be any significant decrease in weight but you will be leaner and stronger. When your body is going through these major composition changes, body physiology alters accordingly. In reality, you become young inside out. According to statistics based on the typical American lifestyle, most American’s don’t exercise regularly, and only seven out of ten do so infrequently. So no exercise, poor dietary habits, and little sleep equals to a population deficient in HGH! Most people everywhere are sleeping late into the night, and not exercising enough, and unknown to them, their growth hormone levels are dipping. 5 ways to increase the HGH secretion in your body via 10min workout. # 1. The 10min workout secret! Must watch video. # 2. Keep hydrated so you can maximise the results from your 10min workout It is important to drink plenty of water during training, as dehydration has been shown to significantly reduce the exercise-induced human growth hormone (hGH
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From www.nowloss.com This fast weight loss workout has 5 different exercises you do that’ll help you lose up to 5 pounds a week and once you get to a point where you are not satisfied with how fast you’re losing weight on this fast weight loss workout plan then… You can do my other YouTube video called “Quick weight loss workout to help YOU Lose 15 pounds fast” to shock your body so you’ll break out of any weight loss plateau you’re in so you can lose weight fast again and… Remember – The KEY THING is that you at least try to finish this fast weight loss workout and work your way up to taking less rest time between exercises – for example… Let’s say that during this fast weight loss workout — you have a hard time doing all 15 power cleans in a row — just do about 2 or 3 at a time — catch your breath — and then finish. Eventually — you’ll be able to finish most of the workout by only stopping in between exercises for your mandatory rest periods and… You can go here to print out this fast weight loss workout routine for losing 5 pounds a week www.nowloss.com and… Guys: you can use heavier weights and do only 8-to-12 reps for each exercise with this fast weight loss workout to burn fat and build muscle at the same time and… Ladies: you can use lighter weights and do 15-to-25 reps to lose weight fast while toning and firming up your body and… How fast you lose 5 pounds a week all depends on… *How much you weigh — the more overweight you are –the more
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Weight loss tips # 5 – 10min fat loss workout with HGH Sessions”

  1. From a psychological standpoint, REM sleep is actually the LIGHTEST stage of sleep. Regardless, I really enjoy your videos and I can tell you do your research! Keep ‘em coming! :)

  2. Hey Freelee, great video, thanks again as always!
    Do you recommend insanity for HGH?

  3. H….GEEEEEE..H not h he h

  4. Hey, well it’s not part of what I promote (having refined sugar) as I believe fruit is best and fibre is very important for regulating blood sugar levels but if you are in a bind and it keeps you off high fat foods then it is a better option. Just have ripe fruit/dried fruit around you all the time and you will not have to go there

  5. Hi Freelea I started 80/10/10 diet 2 weeks ago and I love it want to ask u if is ok to take organic brown rice syrup and molasses in water for more calories.. Thank u your fantastic :)

  6. Do you and the durianrider ever drink coffee? Or take any caffeine from any source?

  7. Great video as always. When you suggest resistance training, can you make a video about how to do that part without joining a gym?

  8. I’m gutted. :-D 

  9. haha yeh sorry to disappoint!

  10. WHAT ? Freelee you are NOT selling HGH injections. Immediate unsubscribe. LOL :-D You look scrumptuous woman !!

  11. Thanks Freela!

  12. alright alright! aytch! ;-)

  13. HomePersonalSecurity Reply December 4, 2012 at 2:46 pm

    another great video, thanks

  14. I lived in japan for a few months and everyone is always ‘asleep’ on the train….well at least that was what i thought they were doing….alot of them are just meditating though

  15. I love your enthusiasm in this video, Free! :)

  16. Hi Freelee, could you explain a bit more about how fruit sugar helps the body “top up” the HGH? I’m curious to know more about this mechanism, and plus I don’t quite understand that phrase you used, “top up”. Thanks!

  17. Lovely video to my favorite Sugar Monkey!! Love you!!

  18. nice vid


  20. Thannks love :)

  21. hope*

  22. cook up maybe some spelt pasta or quinoa and make a stir fry with with some green (maybe asparagus or broccoli), sweet onion, and mushrooms. Or maybe wild rice and some garbanzo beans. Also I recommend Bragg’s Amino’s Soy Sauce, it is only soy beans. But yea I highly recommend getting into all the squash too butternut, spaghetti squash, zucchini, etc all super good/ versatile. Grains like quinoa, spelt, wild rice taste good and are simple to prepare. How this helped.

  23. Haha, yep I was noticing that Aussie-ism all the way through the vid too. lol As a kiwi cousin living in Oz I’ve had to learn to not tease the Aussies about the way they say ‘haych’. lolol ;-)

  24. Yea sometimes I can’t eat fruit at every meal my body seems to get sick of all that sugar. So for me lately I’ve been putting 20 dates and 6 small apples in the food processor for breakfast. Maybe 2 decent sized bowls of salad (baby romaine, red onion, red or yellow bell pepper, cucumber, sometimes sweet onion, and portabello mushrooms I marinate in Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, and maybe I’ll eat some dates if I am still hungry. Then dinner if I can’t bear to have another fruit meal then I’ll

  25. haych gee haych

  26. Omg thank you so much. In middle school i was constantly bullied because i had a gut and moobs. I WASN”T THAT FAT BUT THEY NEVER STOPPED. I moved this year in my freshman year and i have friends who still make comments but i don’t care now that i am losing weight. I will keep doing this THANK YOU

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  28. do like 3 times a day!

  29. Guys! ! Have anyone of you think that I should test out this brand new muscle building system? Or should I stay away from this? Just do a google search Explosive Muscle Method. Because my bro says it gets people to increase in strength. Any response is appreciated!

  30. Wow…not another fat ass trainer that cant practice what he preaches?

  31. 1 (first workout) + 1-3 repetitions = minimum of 2, maximum of 4 total ;)

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  33. I like this guy. He sounds like Karl Malone!

    Great video!

  34. cool

  35. this isnt working.. hmm @chrisembo thank you for
    sharing me that program at the site:
    i lost 45lbs and 6inches in my waist. Ive seen a huge
    difference after a week of using it.^_^

  36. Ive tried this work out an it does actually work.. I lost inches from my waist and look slimmer

  37. I wonder why people are always saying negative things, if u don’t like the vid make ur own and shut up seriously btw thanks for the vid it looks great I’m going to try it some of these lazy people want to lose weight while they are a couch potato but this work out will make your heart rate up!!!

  38. eh you talk to much

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  40. I liked your video!I lost too much weight too, with a pretty cool program, I can’t post the link here but you can see it on the description of my profile.

    Now I’m looking for a good exercise program, I may follow yours! :) thank you

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  50. This video was great and it provided excellent tips. Thank you for sharing it.